Cafayate’s most characteristic wine bears the name of our winery. It's not just about great wine, it's about our history in Cafayate; about the vineyards that surround our winery and the care for this unique land. It's about respect for artisanal work and the effort of entire generations.

The day of the harvest is eagerly expected, and once the grapes reach the optimum point of ripeness, they are hand-picked in the early hours of dawn. This careful process gives as a result a greatly complex, extremely fine wine.

El Esteco is rustic but elegant; a high altitude wine, intense and traditional, it can proudly represent the Calchaquíes Valleys and take our name to the rest of the world.

Grape origin

Finca Las Mercedes, Cafayate Valley

Ageing potential

10 years

The recommended temperature for drinking is between 11 °C and 13 °C.


Intense yellow. Sparkly.


It faithfully recalls the typical aromas of the torrontés grape, floral, grape, raisins, honey and with a combination of oak notes.


Complex, smooth, velvety, liqueur. Sweet and very pleasant finish.